Have Students Caught Up From The Pandemic?

We have never had a lockdown like this before, with minimal guidance about how to deal with the consequences. Students were stuck at home, forced to study at home away from their friends and classmates. This did not mean that they did not learn, with many students taking online classes over Zoom. While it is much different from traditional classrooms, it was much better than being stuck with a book, a highlighter, and going through the coursework alone. Sadly, many students gave up and did the base minimum, causing them to fall behind and lose the desire to catch up.

How Can Students Catch Up?

It can be nerve wracking for many students to ask for help, even if their grades begin to slip. While some teachers were “liberal” with their grades during this time, it served as a hindrance, especially since higher education made no such allowances. While some schools began to offer extra help to students who ask for it, it can cause embarrassment, with students preferring to remain silent and hope that their problem gets “pushed aside”. 

Some parents may be able to help their children directly, especially if they have a background in the subject matter at hand. What about other parents, who lack the language (and academic background) skills needed to “fill the gap”? Remember, if students fail once they will likely fail again, not because they can’t but because they have lost the motivation to try. This is because education is tied to socialization, with “slower” students being stigmatized and alienated. This can be devastating for a young student, who may develop self-esteem issues as a result.

What Is A Learning Center?

Instead of having many students in one class, Inspiration Learning Center offers small group classes, either one-on-one or classes under 4 students. This gives the students the ultimate advantage, being able to ask questions easier by affording them more teacher interaction. This will make it easier to ask questions, free from the stress of being “put on the spot” in front of 30+ peers. While some students come for high school credit courses–which are equal to credits earned at other public or private schools–others come for math or English support, helping them improve their grades at their homeschool. Instead of being taught the same thing for all of the students, the lessons are catered to the individual student, even if they have different levels of proficiency. This format ensures that everyone’s needs are met, without having to wait long to have a turn. 

Tutoring Near You

If you happen to live near one of Inspiration’s 13 learning centers in Canada, you can easily book your child’s assessment in person. However, if you live far away–or prefer a virtual option–they can arrange that as well. Tutoring support is offered across the Greater Toronto Area, in addition to Windsor and British Columbia! Whether you want to prepare for the IELTS exam, get ESL support, prepare for an exam, or finalize your essay, this is the best way to ensure results after the lockdowns. Did I mention that they also offer a free assessment, giving you a chance to understand your child’s unique learning profile. 

What are you waiting for?

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