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  • Homeschooling in Canada: A Rising Trend and a World of Compassionate Possibilities

    Homeschooling on the Rise in Canada As the world continues to evolve, so too does the landscape of education. In recent years, homeschooling has been gaining popularity in Canada, with parents showing a keen interest in taking a more active role in their children’s education. The reasons behind this shift are diverse, ranging from parents…

  • How To Crack Indeed

    How To Crack Indeed

    Some employers obscure the number of applicants due to the likelihood that some potential applicants will be dissuaded by “the math”. This figure can vary, ranging from 10 competitors all the way to 10k and up. This figure is often revealed after applying, perhaps in a follow-up email of sorts.

  • Sorry Trolls, Israel is Real

    Sorry Trolls, Israel is Real

    As many of you might know, I am a fairly prolific TikToker who posts videos about Toronto, Judaism and Israel. Even if my topics are varied in substance (or thought), I am blessed to receive a constant barrage of anti semitic tropes, insults, and threats.

  • Christmas at Casa Loma

    Christmas at Casa Loma

    Whether you are Christian, Jewish or “other”, this is the centre for Toronto history and culture. While all Torontonians are familiar with Casa Loma, few have spent the time need to navigate the many tunnels, exhibits and room. Did you know that this is a prime location for filming Hollywood movies? While it appears quite…

  • When Duolingo Fails, Try Inspiration

    When Duolingo Fails, Try Inspiration

    The past two years have been chaotic for everyone, especially young students. Rather than being able to learn in person, youngsters were glued to their screens and hoped to learn something on their tablets and apps. Lost in the tornado of disorganisation, many fell behind in their coursework and lost their motivation to “keep on…

  • How Parents Can Teach Writing Skills To Their Kids

    How Parents Can Teach Writing Skills To Their Kids

    Writing is more than just composing fictional stories, it also allows us to interject our own personality and ideas into a project. Workbooks are fantastic at mastery verb conjugation and grammar, yet it fails at “putting it all together”. Whether you are doing homeschooling, helping with homework, or are curious on how to develop your…