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  • Sorry Trolls, Israel is Real

    Sorry Trolls, Israel is Real

    As many of you might know, I am a fairly prolific TikToker who posts videos about Toronto, Judaism and Israel. Even if my topics are varied in substance (or thought), I am blessed to receive a constant barrage of anti semitic tropes, insults, and threats.

  • 3 Interesting Synagogues in Toronto

    3 Interesting Synagogues in Toronto

    If you want to think about a Jewish megacity, Toronto is as close as you will get to that in Canada. This wasn’t always the case, with Montreal holding that “crown” until Bill 101 in the 1970’s. Blessed with (roughly) 200k Yiddishe Neshamas, our “steital” features a large assortment of Kosher and Israeli restaurants, Jewish…