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  • Traditional Wedding Script

    Traditional Wedding Script

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of John Smith and Sarah Wilson. Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people who have decided to share their lives together in a commitment of love, trust, and loyalty. Today, we witness the joining of two hearts and souls in the presence of…

  • How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant

    How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant

    In order to solemnize a wedding in Ontario, one must be a judge, city clerk or registered religious officiant. With that being said, you have every possible religion, culture, and tradition represented among this vocation. This is a tribute to our multicultural society, a place where people are encouraged to honour their heritage while embracing…

  • Most Haunted Place in Toronto

    Most Haunted Place in Toronto

    At the time of construction, this was the largest civic building in North America. Edward James Lennox originally designed it as a City Hall, which also served as the administrative centre for York (later moved north to Newmarket). As some know, Canada had the death penalty up until the early 1960’s when two criminals were…

  • Christmas at Casa Loma

    Christmas at Casa Loma

    Whether you are Christian, Jewish or “other”, this is the centre for Toronto history and culture. While all Torontonians are familiar with Casa Loma, few have spent the time need to navigate the many tunnels, exhibits and room. Did you know that this is a prime location for filming Hollywood movies? While it appears quite…

  • When Duolingo Fails, Try Inspiration

    When Duolingo Fails, Try Inspiration

    The past two years have been chaotic for everyone, especially young students. Rather than being able to learn in person, youngsters were glued to their screens and hoped to learn something on their tablets and apps. Lost in the tornado of disorganisation, many fell behind in their coursework and lost their motivation to “keep on…

  • WYL To Be Featured On Toronto Dude?

    WYL To Be Featured On Toronto Dude?

    As well, when someone clicks on the link then they will be directed to your profile on the website. Alternatively, when someone clicks on your picture-or verbiage-then they will come to your website, giving you another potential customer. 

  • Would You Get Married On The Edgewalk?

    Would You Get Married On The Edgewalk?

    It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. While you are not allowed to bring a phone (or anything that could fall) onto the platform, staff are equipped with cameras. In fact, each guest is given a video and some pictures, printed off to prove that you “did it”. I guess your family and friends…

  • Winter Christmas Market at the Distillery District

    It was free to enter before four so we jumped on the opportunity to have some fun as a family. It wasn’t too cold but we bundled our son up like a burrito.

  • Beaches In Toronto

    Beaches In Toronto

    If you take one piece of advise from this entire post, please do not bring your car down here! There is paid parking available but it goes quite fast. In fact, I have witnessed several car accidents here. The space is very cramped and it gives me stress. There is an overabundance of public transit…

  • My Fav Restaurant In Toronto?

    My Fav Restaurant In Toronto?

    In 1912, a young couple from Kielce opened a bakery/coffee shop in downtown Toronto. Their plan was simple: to recapture the flavours of the life they had left behind in Poland, and to make a living here in Canada. They rented a storefront at 156 Agnes Street in what was then the heart of Jewish…