Winterfest @ Wonderland

One of the best parts of Toronto is Canada’s Wonderland, located north of the city in Vaughan. With our cold and frigid winters, this meant that the park was closed for most of the year, with the exception being the spring and summer months. What a pity that such an awesome place was closed for most of the year…(imagine dramatic music)…

In 2019 everything changed…(sort of…)

Pure Canadian Winter Euphoria

They had a real success with the Halloween Haunt attraction, which turned the property into a major fall attraction. If you are coming here for Halloween it is recommended that you dress up in a cool costume of sorts, ensuring that you get the maximum level of spooky-festiveness. Who recommends this? Me. On what grounds? I think that it is pretty lit.

Ok enough of Halloween! You are here for Winterfest. Let’s Go!

What is Winterfest?

Everything that you dreamed about as a child and more.

Ice skating? You Bet!

Hot chocolate and warm treats? Of course!

Cozy places to warm up when you get a bit too chilly? Scattered all around the park!

This is your vantage point as you enter the park. The mountain comes alive in a most brilliant fashion, with people skating under the festive lights.
The shows are awesome. Fun for the entire family, from babies through to grandma and grandpa. Tons of awesome picture opprotunities? For sure! Some of the characters are well known and others a bit more obscure. Do you think that you will see Santa? Only one way to find out!
This is what it looks like to go skating here during the day. In my opinion, it looks way better at night. Do you notice the big green rollercoaster in the background? It is called the Leviathan, named after the famous sea serpent (from the Bible). While this ride cannot be operated in the winter, there is a chance it may be working during the Halloween Haunt in October.
Questions and Answers

Is Winterfest at Wonderland worth it? It is worth every penny. You do not need to spend a ton of money but there are many awesome thing to buy. In fact, you can score some awesome deals on Christmas and Hanukah gifts. For the 2022 season, tickets are $29.99 but can be scored cheaper with a coupon.

Are people of all backgrounds welcome and accepted? Yes! There are references to other holidays, celebrating all of the many religions and traditions of the world. In fact, Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with representatives of every demographic present here.

In case you were wondering….Kwanza, Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and First Nations seasonal holiday.

How long is Winterfest at Wonderland? It runs from Friday December 2nd through to Saturday December 31st, 2022. If you purchase a season pass (for the coming year) you can score an awesome deal on Winterfest and other seasonal attractions.

Is parking free? Parking is (sadly) not free, costing $25 to enter (tax inc.) There is no reentry into the parking lot. If you would like to eat outside the park, you can walk through the lot to get to Jane Street. This is where all the buses come in addition to the “kiss and ride”.

What food options are available? You can either eat on the premises or take a walk to Jane Street. You can easily walk to

  1. Wendy’s
  2. Pita Land Maple
  3. Kelseys Original Roadhouse

How do I get to Canada’s Wonderland (and Winterfest)? The park is located around the intersections of Highway 400 and Major Mackenzie in the city of Vaughan. If you are coming from North York it will take you about 21 minutes to get here, depending on traffic. If you are coming from Union Station, it takes about 90 minutes via public transit. If you are coming from Pearson Airport, it is about a half an hour drive, depending on whether you opt for the 407 or not. While there are many transit options during the summer months, most of them are absent in the winter. You can always take an Uber here, perhaps even a regular taxi.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to you and your family!
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