2 Best Toronto Casinos

Are you in the mood for some gaming? Assuming that you are over the age of 19, the GTA offers a variety of gambling opportunuties, matched with world class food and drink. The proceeds go to social causes of sorts, ranging from education to First Nations Communities to hospitals. I have worked in casinos in my younger years, serving patrons from all over the world. I am a “language guy” and enjoy practicing different tongues, even if some are broken and fractured. As I remind all of my students, we are “level A” in one subject or another. While I may not have the best tone in Putanghua, others maybe starting of in their English learning adventure.

Casinos make jobs for immigrants, minorities, refugees and other newcomers. Many of our First Nations Brethern are employed in this industry. I am not indigenous to this land, despite being here almost all of my life. I am going to start off with one of their casinos, located just north-east of Toronto. It is farther than the others yet it gets my first .


Great Blue Heron Casino – Port Perry

21777 Island Rd, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6 Please click here to get directions from North York. I know that it is a bit of a trek but I promise that it is worth it! You get buy some cheap gas on the rez, which is slang for reservation. While some thing are tax-exempt, you will likely pay for somethings if you lack a Status Card.
Do you notice that Canadian geese at the top of the ceiling? You will find them all over Canada. Some people find them annoying but I really like them! They do tend to have some ‘tude, but who doesn’t? If you are here for a visit, you are going to have a good time.
It has all of the normal gaming fixtures, from slots to black jack to roulette. Like other modern casinos, all of the credits are digital, allowing you to purchase units for use. If you ever want to “cash out” from a machine, simply hit the button beside the display. Know your limit, play within it!
I haven’t been here in ages but I assume that the food is just as awesome! Like all casino buffets, the meal is underpriced, encouraging people to come here for lunch or dinner. While not everyone will spend money on the the gaming floor, many will and the management is ok with that.

Woodbine Casino

555 Rexdale Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 5L1 This is the closest to North York and the Airport. Click here for directions
While the carpets may be a little dated, the machines are modern and in good working condition. This does not mean that you will win, with slots offering the lowest chance of a payout (out of all the games offered). If you sign up for a reward card you will recieve a voucher for free play. This varies based on the promotion or season.
This is Willows Bar and Pub. It has a great selection of drinks to choose from. You can take a break or watch some sports on the tv. Yes, there is a food menu available. This is a great place to come after departing from the Toronto Aiport.
Located on the 4th floor at Woodbine Racetrack, Woodbine Club Bar offers guests the opportunity to dabble in the excitement of each race through WIFI and wireless wagering and HD TV monitors located throughout.
Come out and enjoy an exciting new à la carte menu of chef inspired creations with an extensive wine list.
With glossy cherry wood paneling, forest green leather sofas, traditional armchairs and gold-trimmed fireplaces, this is by far the most regal way to experience Woodbine.
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