If you are looking for that “perfect job” then you are definately on the wrong page. This is for people who are starting at the bottom, perhaps students, new immigrants, or people with unique circumstances. While you are “building yourself up” you will need some skills to pay the bills. Maybe the word skill is a little vague but you get the idea. If you need to make cash now, without jumping through a ton of hoops, you are on the right page. While the positions are often low-paying (its relative), you can get hired the same day and look forward to a paycheck in the near future.

You will find many scammers out there, trying to convince you that you will have to spend money to make money. This is not the case whatsoever, with Toronto booming in every industry. Many jobs are manually exhaustive, perhaps force you to come face to face with the public. Every job has it’s challenges, with days that remind how of how little you are paid (relative to your worth). With that being said, be aware of red flags that signal that something is fishy.

Job Posting Red Flags

  1. Asks you for any money, aside for occupational licence or so forth.
  2. Asks about how you look, gives off any “creepy” vibes
  3. Commision only (stay away, at least at this stage, if you are specialized then it is a different situation and context).
  4. Does not discuss safety precautions in ad (gear, work from heights, hazards)
  5. Selling quotas (this depends on your language level. If you are confident, even with an accent, you can make serious coin in telesales, servicing American contracts).

Positivity For The WIn

With all that being said, most opportunities are fair and reasonable. You will see many ads for different programs and certificates, with some being valuable and the lion’s share being worthless. I have compiled a list of four useful credentials, each opening a door (and an income path). In Toronto, it is more important to have the right attitude versus having the right clothing or style. Feel free to be yourself, wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable.

My hope is that you secure a job as soon as possible, getting a paycheck as soon as possible. I believe that everyone has a right to earn a living, even if the opportunities are not as lucrative at the start. I want to encourage you on your path, progressing higher with each move and pivot.

If you have any questions, please head over here and send me an email via the form on my homepage. I wish you all the very best on your Toronto Adventure!


Worthwhile Licenses

Class G – Driver’s License

Class G means that you have full driving rights where class G1 is a learner’s permit and G2 is right in the middle. G1 is a written exam, more specifically multiple choice. G2 is a road test which gives you (when successful) the right to drive without someone in the passenger’s seat. If you come from specific countries-and have a license in good standing-then you can apply to have it transferred over. This credential will open many doors for you, giving you the chance to balance different gigs and opportunities. You will need a car to practice in, in addition to a car to bring for the road test. It must be in good working condition, with the examinor first testing the mechanical function of the lights and so forth.


In order to serve alcohol in the Province of Ontario, one must both A) be over the age of 18 and B) hold a valid SmartServe certificate. Please note that the legal drink to consume is 19, a year higher than the legal age to serve. The hospitality industry is in dire straits, looking for eager workers to fill different roles. This will open up different opprotunities to get tips, which are cash payments made by patrons in exchange for quality service. This card will allow you to work in bars, nightclubs, restaurants and more. If you connect this with a security license, you can work as a bouncer or club security. This often comes with a tip in addition to a base rate. The test is quite simple and is often paid for by the employer, especially if there is a staffing crisis (as we are experiencing, in late 2022).

Security and Private Investigation

All students have to study but why not get paid while you study? This is only applicable for night shifts, which are a great stretch to prepare for exams or the like. The security license will give your opportunities around $16-20 dollars an hour, which is not great but it is better than Mcdonalds or fast food. Private investigation pays more but requires a seperate license (and a seperate test). This work can be exciting but it is often boring, with alot of waiting around. However, there are moments that get the blood pumping, giving you stories to tell your friends and fam jam.


The current minimum wage in Ontario is $15.50 per hour, much below the amount needed to live in the city. The forklift license fee starts around $50 dollars and can jump your pay up considerably. If you head over to indeed and look for pay rates, they start around $22 and go up to $30 and beyond. While this is not an easy job, it can a well paying job while one is figuring things out. A Bobcat is like a forklift but is designed for outdoor construction, such as building a pool or heavy landscaping. It is quite common that an applicant comes in with a forklift license (like counterbalance) and is given a free certification, as opposed to forcing them to pay the fee prior to getting the job. The economy has forced many employers to improvise, finding new ways to attract and retain workers. If you are offered any certification for free, take it.

Average Salaries In Toronto

  1. Driver
  2. Security guard
  3. Bartender
  4. Waitstaff
  5. Tutor
  6. Factory Worker
  7. Construction
  8. Landscaper
  9. Cook
  10. Nanny / Au Pair

*Please note that these jobs are the easiest to get, with the minimum level of experience or skills needed to apply. The objective of this page is to get you cash in hand as soon as possible, while you build your portfolio (and your future).

Recruitment Agencies in Toronto

Please click on the name of the recuitment agency if you would like to submit a resume. Alternatively, click on the address to bring up the Google Maps page, which will provide you will all of the contact information. Feel free to skim through the reviews! It will help you with deciding who to apply to, saving you valuable time and energy. Many offer most permanent and part time opportunities, giving you the chance make cash while you prepare for your future career.

Tips On Landing A Job In Toronto

This page was intended for people who are new to Canada, fresh out of school, or seeking advise of some work. Experienced job-seekers are familiar with the processes and steps required, focusing their energy (and attention) accordingly.

  1. Do not apply on company websites. They make you go through a whole battery of tests, later to be put in a file for future review. They might call you, which they often do, many years later after you forgotten about the application. You need money now and you need someone who is able to hire you now, giving you a paycheck as soon as possible.
  2. Do not listen to the stories that employers give you, especially if the conditions are bad now. As of writing (winter 2022) it is a worker’s market, with more positions that prospective employees. This means that workers will need to do more to retain (and maintain) workers, raising the bar for everyone in the process.
  3. In the past, workers had one employer for life and protected it like it was a member of the family. They were given special benefits, raises, advancement, insurance and a retirement plan. In the current year, few employers will offer such benefits, despite expecting the same loyalty as before. This can be detrimental, causing some people to stay in low paying jobs in order to prove their “loyalty” to someone who doesn’t (or can’t value) it. There are employers who are willing to offer you a future. In the meantime, do what is expected of you, looking for a permanant job that can offer some (if not close to all) of the benefits that I outlined above.
  4. Stay away from UBER, LYFT, and other ridesharing apps. They will ruin your car, causing you to pay repair fees that are covered by you. These platforms do not help you in anyway, aside for some additional insurance coverage in the case of a collision (only during an active fare). With all that being said, many of these apps offer same day payout, allowing you to get some money in your account right away. While some of these features are available only for American users, some are available in Canada. If you do happen to be in a pinch, take a couple gigs but do NOT stop looking for a legitimate job. At gas prices hovering around $2 a litre, any small jump-or mechanical issue-can make this venture highly unprofitable.
  5. While many Toronto employers are kind and considerate, some will be predatory in nature, looking for naive people to manipulate. By manipulate I mean short payments, unkept promises, and unsafe working conditions. While newcomers will often fall victim to these types of employers, the best approach is to do a background check on them, both as an individual and as an employee. While the consumer reviews are helpful in determining whether they are successful or not, it does not discuss working conditions (like Glassdoor does). If something feels odd for any reason, let them know and part ways. You might not paid for the hour or so that you spend there, but at least you will not waste anytime in looking for something better, and more stable.
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