Toronto Guide To Clubbing And Nightlife 2023

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023

Whether you are a tourist or a local, there is something for everyone here.

This is the very best of Toronto night life, curated carefully for your enjoyment and pleasure. As a safe and friendly place, this is the city to let loose and enjoy a drink and (maybe) some legal cannabis. No one is going to judge you, unless you are a Montreal Canadians fan. if that is the case, keep it a secret.

While Toronto has a reputation for workaholics, the urban core comes alive at night, hosting some of the best DJS, live acts, and all around entertainment. While the pandemic safely in the rear-review window, people are flocking to The Six for education, money, and maybe a little bit of mischief.

Safety Precautions and Tips

  • If there is an emergency, call 911 toll-free.
  • Most of the clubbing takes place in. the Downtown-core the close to the intersection of John and Queen. The closest hospital is St. Michael’s.
  • Do not leave your drink out of sight.
  • If you feel unsafe talking to a stranger, alter security or the bartender.
  • Be weary of anyone that wants to take you somewhere private.
  • Know your limit, drink within it
  • If you are LGBTQ+, you will feel safe in any nightclub, restaurant, and venue in the city. Toronto is a tolerant and kind destination and you face no danger here, whatsoever.

Hotels Near the Clubbing District

The clubbing area is centered around the former Paramount Theatre. If you are looking for an LGBT club, most of them are located around the Gay Village, around Church and Wellesley. Toronto is highly walkable so that you can trek from one side of the city to another. Many people come here for the nightlife, often heading to multiple venues on the same night. There are many amazing hotels in Toronto but I am only going to offer options that are close to entertainment districts.

Please click on the hotel name to get to the Google Maps page (with address and contact information) or the BOOK NOW hyperlink to book a room. I chose the link with the lowest price (at the time of writing) which can change periodically. It would be advantageous to check the price difference between booking directly and with a third party (like Expedia or so forth).

  1. The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues BarBook Now
  2. Hilton TorontoBook Now
  3. Hyatt Regency Toronto Book Now
  4. Sheraton Centre Toronto HotelBook Now
  5. King Blue Hotel TorontoBook Now

Rebel Nightclub Toronto

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023, rebel toronto

Rebel Nightclub is often named Toronto’s best for a reason, something that it has earned over the years. Located right on beautiful Lake Ontario, Rebel is where the city comes alive after sunset. You will find every genre of music being spun here, from EDM to Hip Hop To live performances and beyond. Everyone here is dressed to impressed so leave those dirty sneakers in your locker! Perhaps you are a fan of Loud Luxury, a featured performer at many electronic music festivals around the world. If you are looking to do this up proper, and perhaps have some colourful cash to spend, you can opt for bottle service and other pleasantries. This is certaintly not the place to take your someone for a business meeting but it is somewhere to check out if you are looking for a little bit of cheeky romance. I have heard of many couples meeting at this Club, with it being such a Toronto fixture and all.

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023, loud luxury

I used to work in the nighclub industry, back before I was the boring old father and husband that I am today. I remember working at lucid back in the day, you know the former premises of Pladium on John Street. Perhaps I ask someone to do a little bit of baby sitting and bring my wife here to recreate the fun that she never had in her youth. Regardless of why you are here, what you age is (19+), you will find yourself having a killer night at the Docks. To the potential ire of many feminists, women get easy entry on many nights, often without any cover charge whatsoever. They do have a guestlist, something that is worthwhile to check out regardless who is performing that night. Be sure to check out Revolution Saturdays when they break the place into four seperate rooms, each with a different type of music and audience. If you want to check a feel for what it is like, click here and watch some footage on Youtube. Bring your cash and ID but leave your weapons, SLR, and tablets elsewhere. They have nowhere to store it for you and you will end up getting pissed off.

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023, rebel nightclub

CODA (Bathurst & Bloor)

If you are a sound-purist then you will be impressed with their set-up, generally considered to be the best in the city. You will feel the beat emenate from every corner, creating a chill yet uplifting atmostphere to enjoy. For those returning to town after a while away, this used to be called Footwork and was a prime destination in the underground scene.

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023, coda

As of writing, CODA has lined up some serious acts for the months ahead and I anticipate that they will use this opprotunity to reestablish themselves post-lockdowns.

Understanding Toronto Clubbing

  1. People used to be loyal to a specific “physical nightclub” and would buy tickets for whatever they had offered. With the advent of the internet, partygoers are developing loyalty towards specific promoters or DJs. If someone is known for putting on a good show, people will drive far, quite far.
  2. There are some clubs that advertise themselves as all-ages events, either restricting alcohol to underage patrons or restricting it altogether. While there were many of such events when I was growing up in the city, they have mostly gone the way of the dodo due to liability.
  3. If you are unsure of where to go, first ask yourself what kind of mood are we in? If you are dead tired, you will not want to be irritated by the loud noises or the people trying to yell over said noises. If you just landed a big deal–and you want to celebrate–you may want to let off some steam, making this night “epic”.
  4. If you are learning English, this is a great place to practice with both locals and tourists. People will not make fun of your accent and will go out of their way to include you. People are eager to hear about you and your story, finding differences interesting and not offensive.
  5. While I have given many examples of downtown Toronto clubs, there are many more in North York, Scarborough, Vaughan and beyond. Furthermore, there are some decent establishments located near Pearson Airport, which is out
toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023
Toronto Is The Place To “High-Key” Relax

Downtown Toronto Clubs

toybox, downtown toronto clubs

Scarborough Nightclubs

shishi, koyla, toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023

Sometimes you want to chill and smoke some Shisha (Nargila, Argila) with your crew. While some are made from tobacco, many contain no nicotine whatsoever. This is not for everyone but it is for some people, as is evident by their many positive reviews. This custom comes from the Middle East, often the centerpiece of large social affairs.

tropical nights restaurant, toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023

Scarborough is home to a large, multicultural population. Many people from “The Island” have made their home here, bringing their unique flavour and vibe to the Toronto lanscape. As everyone in the industry knows, the key to success is bringing in the women, with the men coming in response. Besides running a top-knotch club, the chef has been recognized for his culinary talent by Toronto Life. This is pretty big, at least here in the Six. This is kind of near the Zoo, which is one of my favourite places in Toronto. Good music, good atmostphere, good food, this place is lit. If you want to avoid the downtown chaos, hit the DVP and head east on the 401.

toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023, scarborough bar

Queen Victoria Pub – Scarbz

Not so much club in the traditional sense, this is the type of place that British people patronize over the pond. You can grab yourself some top notch whisky, beer or rum. The decor is really nice, kind of like taking a time machine back to a period that no longer exists. They offer daily food and drink specials, encouraging you to come out on a night that you would usually stay home. I mean, do you really want to do the dishes? Do you really want another night of Uber Eats? While they do offer delivery, eating it at home would not give you the FULL British experience that they so famously offer.

***Just to make myself super clear, I will happily support and review any restaurants named after Diana, Victoria, William or Kate. However, I would not patronize anything named after King Charles the 3rd, despite being our rightful head of state.

Toronto Is Dripping With Swag and Flavour.

Come check it out!

These people certaintly have a flair for the arts. I love all of the pyrotechnic stimuli, causing my senses to become overwhelmed. While Toronto was closed for the pandemic, it is open for business, welcoming the entire world!
Toronto nightlife is better than Montreal. It is like Montreal back in the 2000s.
This review is pretty spot on. Yes, it is Vegas-eque and you better bring your A-game. Being a shleppy dad and all, I better get a haircut and see if my sister (and brother) in-law will watch our baby.
Maybe you are stuck inside and want to get a sense of what Toronto nightlife is like. This takes you from the TTC subway, through the major streets, into various clubs and right into the pulse of the city.
toronto nightlife, toronto clubs, nightlife 2023
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