Winter Christmas Market at the Distillery District

It was free to enter before four so we jumped on the opportunity to have some fun as a family. It wasn’t too cold but we bundled our son up like a burrito.

Cosmetics giant Dior sponsored the event. One of their friendly reps offered to take our picture.
They say that it is better at night but I didn’t care! There was so much to buy, see, drink, and eat. Very artistic with many boutique shops and galleries.
You will see slogans placed all around. All are positive and relate to holiday joy. Everyone is included, regardless or which holiday they celebrate.
Naughty and or nice, everyone loves a hot drink! They have tons of soft and alcoholic bevvies to choose from.
Thirsty elf? I would like to know what they drink. I’m guessing cider, hot chocolate and whatnot.
Little bit of Toronto history. Much of the booze was made here back in the day. There are some fine micro breweries and distilleries located nearby

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