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Would You Get Married On The Edgewalk?

In case you are wondering what it is, Edgewalk allows guests to walk “outside” the top of the CN Tower. You know, that phallic-looking structure that lets you know which direction you are driving. This is not for everyone, clearly. Some people would be petrified of standing 116 stories above the hard concrete. Some would feel dizzy just considering the proposition. 

What about getting married during Edgewalk?

It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. While you are not allowed to bring a phone (or anything that could fall) onto the platform, staff are equipped with cameras. In fact, each guest is given a video and some pictures, printed off to prove that you “did it”. I guess your family and friends should believe you regardless but a little evidence couldn’t hurt.

How would this work?

Getting married takes a couple of steps, with the ceremony coming before the legal signing. So you book up as many slots as you need, with a minimum of two witnesses. If you are looking to have a simple elopement-if you could call it that-you could SHOUT your vows for the entire world to hear. I know that sounds romantic but I wanted to preface this by saying that it is highly unlikely for anyone on the ground to hear you. While you cannot exchange rings on the platform, you can certainly share your first kiss as husband and wife. I am certain that the staff would love to capture some extra shots for you, perhaps for an additional surcharge or whatnot. Once everyone has completed the course, the legal signing can occur inside. This is when you can exchange the rings and take additional pictures. 

Would I do it?

I have been honoured to perform a huge variety of marriage ceremonies, serving couples from nearly every country, religion, race, and background. This has brought me to ethnic restaurants, community centres, five star hotels, wineries and more. While I have never been asked “go this specific route” I am definitely interested in the idea. Maybe someone will read this blog post and decide that this is the right choice for them. It certainly is a loud statement, the perfect moment for a specific kind of couple. Who knows, maybe that couple is you. 

How much does it cost?

The law states that you need two additional witnesses, that are neither the couple nor the wedding officiant. If you are going to elope-just the two of you-we can arrange for witnesses beforehand. They do not need to be at the vows exchange on the platform but must be there for the marriage license signing. 

After you are done with your adventure you can escape inside to the dining hall. They have such amazing food, with a large selection of steaks, seafood and other entrees. Fully stocked, this is the moment for a glass of champagne or a Canadian beer. Yes, Canadian beer is the King of all beers, ignoring the baseless claims of Budweiser. This is high-key romantic, staring at each other while the dining room circulates, offering you a panoramic view of the city. This is certainly Toronto at its finest and now it is your city, etched into your own personal history. 

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