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Sorry Trolls, Israel is Real

As many of you might know, I am a fairly prolific TikToker who posts videos about Toronto, Judaism and Israel. Even if my topics are varied in substance (or thought), I am blessed to receive a constant barrage of anti semitic tropes, insults, and threats. It does not matter that I live in Canada-or are talking about something unrelated-I must address the charges made against myself and my people. Maybe it takes the form of “historical revisionism”, where the Holocaust is discredited as an event that took Six Million (capitalization intended) of my brothers and sisters away from our community (and into Hashem’s embrace).

This guy says that the Shoah didn’t happen. What a tool.

Perhaps it is the accusation that my family are khazars, a fake usurper of authentic Palestinian-Islamic turf. 

Am I Scared?

The Torah teaches that we are all part of ONE ESSENCE, sharing our nature and destiny with one another. While a coward may think twice about coming after me and my crew, they “won’t bat an eye” about going after someone disabled, elderly, and vulnerable. In other words, I am scared for my people and am more than willing to do my part. I pray that more people will stand up for us, whether they are from within our community or are among the “Righteous Gentiles”. 

Are you ready?

Chances are that you have heard these slogans before, whether at a rally or on TV. They are not creative, simply taken from Culturalism Marxism. As such, you cannot debate these issues logically but you can assert the Truth for others to see. In other words, my goal is not to “convert” the person that I am debating (but instead) draw sympathetic ears closer to our cause. 


Lie: All Jews are white and do not belong in Palestine.

Truth: Jews are indigenous to the Middle East. We were the first people of the Abrahamic Tree. Without the Jewish Nation there would be no Christianity or Islam. If not for our forced removal, we would have stayed and been content living in proximity to our Temple (even if It was destroyed). In spite of this, the Torah tells us that we would be expelled and regathered, exactly as is written in Prophecy.

Lie: Jesus was a Palestinian Muslim.

Truth:  Jesus was a 1st century Jewish preacher living in Roman-occupied Judea. The term Jewish comes from the geographic area “Judea”, which is now the modern state of Israel. Judaism comes way before Islam, thousands of years before. If Jesus and Moses were prophets then Muhammad was a Bahai or a Mormon. 

Lie: Modern Jews are Khazars, not authentic semites

Truth: This was put to bed with the advent of DNA technology, allowing us to look thousands of years into our past. While we do have admixture from other ethnic communities–due to a limited number of converted individuals over time-none of that is connected to Khazars. They were a nomadic Turkish tribe, some of whom converted to Judaism (including some rulers). 

Lie: Israel is committing a genocide against the Palestinians.

Truth: Genocide means that an effort was taken to eradicate an entire population, like what happened to the Jews during the Shoah. After everything was said and done, Six Million Jews (in addition to millions of other groups) were slaughtered and discarded like rubbish. On the contrary, the Palestinian population has grown in every metric, giving them both population expansion and increased literacy. In fact, Palestinians have benefited greatly from having the Jews in close proximity. 

Lie: Israel has no culture

Truth: Israel has an explosion of culture, marrying the traditions of Ashenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews. Furthermore, there is an indigenous Israeli cuisine, rooted in local vegetation and regional recipes. This goes way before 1948, with a Jewish population remaining in the region throughout all the generations. Israeli culture is both authentic and vibrant, firmly rooted in religious and social traditions. Israeli culture goes back to the time of Sinai where Jews chose to live in accordance with the Torah, forming a worldview that satisfies both the intellectual and Halachic properties. Once again, Torah is the foundation of both the Abrahamic Tree and secularism, something that could only flourish in response to Torah. Anyway you cut it, Israel (and Torah) constitute the foundation of the Western Worldview.

Lie: Jews hate Palestinians.

Truth: While some Jews reject the historical accuracy of the Palestinian movement, most want to revolve the situation peacefully and without violence. Terrorism is seen as a rational response to occupation, something that can be legitimate in certain situations. That being said, one cannot occupy their own house, no matter how long they were forced out. While Jews did buy land from Arabs, every purchase was legitimate and we have the bill of sales to prove it. This was financed by the Jewish National Fund, supported by regular Jews all over the world. The sales were not done by force, rather expedited by offering a higher price than the market standard. 

Lie: Most Jews do not believe in G-d but they believe in Israel.

Truth: While the country was originally founded as a secular state there is an increasing degree of religiosity in Israel. This is best expressed by the recent election of Bibi Netanyahu who formed a coalition with leaders from Religious Zionists camps. In other words, Jews do believe in Gd even if they consider themselves Hilonim. Consider the example of the Jerusalem taxi driver, forced to work on Shabbat and other Holy Days. While waiting for a monit in Jerusalem I saw a driver laying Tefillin. This was awesome and I asked him about his life, how he related to the city that surrounded him. To my amazement he identified himself as a secular Jew, due to his inability to stay home on Shabat. Do secular people lay Tefillin and say Kaddish at the Kotel?

Lie: The IDF kills children

Truth: The IDF is the most moral army in the world, with soldiers trained on how to avoid casualties. In the case that someone is hit-even if they were firing-every effort will be made to save their lives. The IDF knows that they are always under a microscope, choosing every resource with thought and precision. This does nothing to stop our enemies from faking crimes, taking videos and recontextualizing them. For example, they will only show the arrest and not the soldier being jumped by thugs. 

Lie: Israel is the barrier to peace.

Truth: Israel treats its citizens much better than any other country in the Middle East. While there are some rich countries that offer huge entitlements to its citizens, they do not include all people, just members of a specific tribe or class. I have a Chinese student in one of my classes. Despite being born in Saudi Arabia she has no right to citizenship, none of the rights bestowed upon ethnic Saudis (including free foreign tuition and scholarships). If Israel were to go away, what would happen to women, Africans, and LGBT? The Arab world currently engages in slavery, even if they frame it in more generous terms. If you force people to work for pennies-and then taking their money and keeping their passports-how else are we supposed to define it?

In conclusion 

Israel exists because Gd wants it to exist. Our numbers are small but our Faith is great. Do not expect to get into a long academic discussion, something that will certainly bear rotten fruit. Rather than being passive, assert our truth with pride and vigour. We have the Truth on our side and the Blessing of the Almighty. While our friend-circle has grown smaller over the years, we have reinforced our base and added new groups to our “alignment”.

Ya fam, this is way before 1948.

Am Yisroel Chai

Jeremy from Toronto

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  1. mosckerr

    The Topic of History and how to properly understand a Liberal Arts history education.

    The topic of history, believe it or not, in and of itself does not interest me as much as employing history to learn aggadic mussar. History in this context functions as a precedent to better understand the present-day circumstances. The victory of assimilated Roman Statute Law, the result of the Rambam Civil War, highly interests me. The past dead, it cannot change. But learning from the past to change how a person can perceive the present – a key idea of mussar according to Rav Nemuraskii my Rav, his memory a blessing.

    For example: The United Nations now seeks to condemn the Jewish State over Samaria/West Bank. The General Assembly, it seems to me, resembles Founding Fathers and their organization of Congress, with its Representatives of the different 50 States. Nothing more destructive to a people than – Civil War. Therefore, as a law of political science: First Law (Something like Isaac Asimov’s 3 basic laws of robotics. This fictional work beginning with I Robot written in 1942 profoundly impacted my psyche.), all government leaders: their Prime Directive (Star Trek), to prevent the outbreak of Civil War within their country.

    The Book of Maccabees tells the story of a Jewish Civil War, fought in conjunction with a revolt against the Syrian Greek empire. What war strategy did Judah Maccabee employ against the Syrian Greeks? Judah Maccabbee endeavored to promote Civil War within the Syrian Greek kingdom. This tactic served the cause of the Jewish revolt quite well. Later Jews would fight two disastrous revolts against Imperial Rome. The problems and most basic contradictions of the Book of Acts caused me to reach the conclusion that the star: Apostle Paul, of that show served as an agent provocateur sent Rabban Gamaliel II, to undermine the influence of Xtianity among the Jews in Damascus and promote a Monotheistic propaganda in Rome which likewise undermined the rule of Caesar as the son of God. The Book of Acts, mentions that Paul learned under Rabban Gamaliel – the Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin.

    My studies at Texas A&M made a focus upon the subject of Civil Wars throughout history. This my focus, studied the Russian Civil War fought out between the opposing leaders of Leon Troskii and Josef Stalin. Troskii developed a political theory known as the Continuous Revolution. Stalin developed a counter theory known as Communism in One Country. Troskii served in the role of Eisenhower in WWII, during the Civil War fought between the Reds and the Whites. Troskii an excellent general but a terrible politician. Stalin, mediocre at best as a military leader, but a virtuoso of sadistic Machiavellian diplomacy & politics.

    Important to remember that Italy like Germany did not unify into a nation till the late 19th Century. The Republics of Italy compare to the ancient Greek Republics or City States. These warring Italian ‘city states’, they first developed the idea of allied states sending ambassadors to other designated Italian city states. This Italian political innovation has profoundly influenced and shaped how present day nation states conduct foreign policy at an ambassadorial level.

    The Star Trek movie the Wrath of Kahn, Spok observed that Kahn limited his tactics to a 2 dimensional frame of reference. Kirk employed the Z dimension, got under and behind Kahn’s warship, and destroyed his enemy. The study of history for me compares to the depth tactics Kirk employed to defeat Kahn. My Russian history teacher at A&M, emphasized this very approach methodology of how to study history. This methodology, in Hebrew: sh’itta, directly influenced how I learned the Talmud and enabled me to break out of the statute law box, that had jailed Jewish Talmudic scholars for some 1000 years. Post the Rambam Civil War, all Jewish scholarship on the Talmud ceased to study the Talmud as common law.

    At Texas A&M, developed a political theory of revolutions which I call shattering the ethical containment force. Observed that the French, Russian, Nazi, and Iranian revolutions all share an identical common denominator/צד משותף in Hebrew. These revolutionaries did not just obliterate the government leadership, they equally obliterated the moral authority of the church. The Catholic church, replaced with the Church of Reason in France; atheism replaced the Greek Orthodox Church in Russia, the Nazis destroyed Parliamentary Democracy together with the Judao-Xtian traditions; the fall of the Shah of Iran came in conjunction with the rejection of modern Western European social cultures and customs.

    Another observation, the 2nd verse in Chapter One Genesis: all these societies exploded into chaos and anarchy. The collapse of one society quickly spread to other countries in the region. Troskii’s political theory known as the Permanent Revolution. The Arab Spring in our own times supports this political revolutionary theory. Civil War has spread from Lebanon, to Egypt, to Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya.

    Another observation, when a society collapses into chaos and anarchy (1:2 בראשית/Genesis), other countries jump into the conflict. Examples: the Napoleonic Wars, the Spanish civil war in the 1930s, to the Syrian civil war today. Other countries jump into the political chaotic collapse of a society like flies attracted to fresh cow manure. This depth analysis of history, serves to understand the interests of European states which promote the TWO STATE SOLUTION in the Israeli Arab/Balestinian\ local dispute, conducted in the UN General Assembly right now.

    Interesting that the current Biden Administration invests 100s of billions of dollars in the local Russian/Ukraine border dispute. Second Law: nations confronted with internal divisions and conflict prioritize foreign policy over domestic policy. From my perspective sitting in Israel, American society, highly volatile and unstable. News has degenerated into opinion piece attacks, together with irrational ad hominem denunciations and condemnations of political leaders & personalities. The slogan Let’s Go Brandon serves as a direct example of the descent of American society into chaos and anarchy.

    This stream of consciousness style of writing compares to Jame Joyce and Virginia Woolf. The Talmud too employs this style of writing. Rav Nemuraskii spoke in Yiddish to describe it, as haltn glezl\holding cup. His ability to teach utterly amazes me to this day. When I first met Rav Nemuraskii, I spoke little Hebrew and virtually no Yiddish. He spoke no English at all. Yet within a few days I understood his instruction. Imagine that! Have never met any other teacher who can teach complicated ideas while speaking in a foreign language and yet the listener can understand!

    Rav Nemuraskii hands down a great Rav. He studied under Rabbi Shalom Eliashiev, the halachic posek/decider of Ashkenazi Jewry. A tradition in the Yeshiva world, the Chief Rabbi, in this case Rabbi Eliashiev, picks the best student to clean his shul before Shabbat. Rabbi Eliashiev had the whole of Jerusalem Yeshivot to choose from, and he chose me. Later, after getting married, erev Yom Kippur, when hundreds approached Rabbi Eliashiev for a brokah/blessing, I too approached the Rabbi. He stopped and requested that I give him a ברכה! Cleaned that shul every Yom Sheshee/ 6th day\ prior to getting married for 7 years. Rabbi Eliashiev’s two sons and myself would discuss questions on the Talmud which I introduced. Both sons danced at my wedding.

    The best student of Rabbi Eliashiv and I got into a Talmudic debate one day. I opened with a difficulty on the Baali Tosafot’s commentary on the Gemarah of Eruvin. The Gemarah: Rav Ashi, one of the final redactors of the Shas Bavli, in a debate between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yose HaGelili. (The rule that whenever Rabbi Akiva – father of the פרדס Pardes logic system which explains the Oral Torah – debates with another lone rabbi, that the halacha follows the opinion of Rabbi Akiva.)

    Yet in this case Rav Ashi violated the general rule and ruled that the halacha follows the opinion of Rabbi Yose HaGelili. The grandchildren of Rashi – known as the Baali Tosafot – debated this contradiction and could not explain how Rav Ashi switched the halachic ruling in favor of Rabbi Yose HaGelili! This problem I publicly debated with the Top talmid of Rabbi Eliashiv.

    Rav Nemuraskii, who had studied the whole of the Shas Bavli with Rabbi Eliashiv 8 times, had taught me a trump card, not taught today in the Yeshiva world. The Yeshiva world, stuck in the box thinking of Roman statute law since the disaster of the Rambam Civil War. In Hebrew the term ירידות הדורות/descending generations describes the victory of Statute Law over Jewish Common Law. The interpretation placed upon this abstract term ירידות הדורות: domino effect. The Rambam’s statute law codification, it appears to me, produced a devastating ירידות הדורות. Rav Nemuraskii required that I learn the Aramaic Targum/translation of the Chumash/5 Books of the Written Torah known as Uziel. The Yeshiva world today does not study this Primary Source of Chumash Aggaditah.

    The fact that the Talmud splits on the axis Halachic and Aggaditic discussions. Would have to learn the whole of the Shas Bavli some 18 times before the realization hit me; the sages of the Talmud read the stories within the T’NaCH as aggadic mussar stories and NOT history stories. This concept of Aggadita views history as mussar applicable to the present-day situations of living, rather than past events. This sharp distinction of perspective, it separates the two opposing ways Man can view and understand the world.

    I answered the difficulty of Rav Ashi switching the halacha away from the opinion expressed by Rabbi Akiva to that of Rabbi Yosi, which the Baali Tosafot could not understand nor explain, by saying that the Baali Tosafot did not have access to the Targum Uziel. I showed that Rabbi Uziel, the top talmid of Hillel the Elder, that he too favored the halacha as expressed by Rabbi Yosi. Argued that Rav Ashi saw the Targum Uziel and therefore switched the halachic ruling in favor of Rabbi Yosi. Because this dispute between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yosi also included Rabbi Uziel! Never again would the top talmid of Rabbi Eliashiv consent to debate me in front of the Shul again. A baali t’shuva kid from Texas had cleaned the floor of Rabbi Eliashiv’s shul.

    The proposed TWO STATE SOLUTION which the EU and UN seeks to ram down the throat of Israel. It ignores the required population transfer of some 1 million Jews from Samara. My moving company moved families out of Prime Minister Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. This decision negated property legally acquired through contracts. It uprooted some 5000 families. And I watched in horror as the nation came to the verge of Civil War over this decision by Sharon and carried out by Olmert. Not the first time that Israel stood on the brink of Civil War. The murder/assassination of Rabin too took Israel to the brink of social chaos, anarchy and organized violence.

    The factorial difference between the forced withdrawal of 5000 families to that of 1000000 people, does it not strike you that not any Government Leader or any News organization across Europe, Russia, and the US, not even one, ever addresses the possibility of Israel falling into its own “Arab Spring“; consequent to the population transfer required to accomplish a 2-state solution. Never addressed the attempts by foreign powers, the least of which the UN General Assembly and ICC International court, that foreign states like France and Britain, can determine the borders and Capital City of the Jewish UN mandate protectorate?!

    Israel, the only “member” of the UN not recognized by the UN as a member state of the region of countries known as the Middle East. No other UN member excluded recognition as part of their region of nation states. The UN General Assembly passed the now infamous: Zionism is Racism. Yet the UN exclusion of Israel as a country of the Middle East, not a single ‘Great Power’/Security Council nations, all of which promotes the 2-state solution, denounces this UN travesty as racist?!

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    1. mosckerr

      Einstein’s theories of space and time compared to Niels Bohr’s innovations of a quantum particle atomic uncertainty principle.  Now contrast this with the classic dispute between the viewpoints which perceives the Bible as a fixed history book vs. the idea of prophetic mussar, that mussar applies equally to all generations.

      Prophesy as mussar defines prophetic physics! Jewish avoda zarah during the Middle Ages: The distinction between the Book of Commandments, published by the earliest Reshonim scholars to how modern scholarship understands Torah precedents, which establish Torah Common Law.  The Books of Torah commandments made by Jewish scholars after Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Talmud, beginning with a code published by Rabbi Saadia Gaon, and further developed by the B’hag and followed by the Rambam’s code of the commandments impacted and shaped lesser rabbinic authorities something like a ירידות הדורות “domino effect”.   So to speak, all later generations glorified the lore of Solomon’s Temple.  Or Roman statute law following the victory of the Rambam’s mishna torah assimilation of European Jewry, the contrived scholarly conversion of world Jewry away from Torah and Talmudic common law.

      Rabbi Saadia Gaon organized his theory of commandments something like the concentric cone made by water going down a tub drain.  His theory prioritized the 10 commandments as the Av commandments.  All other Torah commandments function as toldot/off spring\ commandments to the 10 commandments of Sinai.

      The difficulty with this legal theory, the Talmud teaches that Israel in hysteria and panic following the revelation of the opening first two revelation Commandments at Sinai, that our forefathers thereafter, in fear of their lives, demanded from Moshe that he make aliya upon Sinai and receive the rest of the Torah.

      Another apparent flaw in this early Gaonic commandment Biblical codification, the failure to identify T’NaCH prophesy “Commandments” as mussar.  Mussar, by definition does not exist as some ossified or petrified fossils, turned unto stone box thinking or pigeon-holed classifications.  The Written Torah like the Talmud exists, at least to some Talmudic and Reshonim opinions argue that both exist as highly edited texts. A dispute within the Talmud itself, concerning the authorship of the concluding verses of the Book of דברים\משנה תורה.  It appears to me that Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi favours the opinion that Moshe did not write the Book of דברים, but rather taught this Book baal peh/orally to Israel. That Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi based his common law codification, the Mishneh, upon the Oral Torah משנה תורה Book דברים.

      The later assimilated Books of Commandments codifications, published in the early Middle Ages, they all fundamentally erred.  Their failure to grasp, that all T’NaCH prophets command mussar.  That the vision of T’NaCH prophesy applies equally, across the board, to all generations of Israel.  The division of the Talmud into two main branches: Halacha & Aggadita supports this thesis.  That the sages both Tannaim and Amoraim viewed the T’NaCH prophets as teachers of mussar aggadita.  Rather than physical historical predictions of future events, as the New Testament claims.

      The rabbis of the early Middle Ages, like as do all g’lut generations of exiled Jewish refugee populations, who to the present-day dwell among foreign cultures and customs.  That all generations of g’lut Jewry, by definition, struggle with foreign assimilation.  Specifically, the assimilation wherein Goyim scholars view the T’NaCH Books as historical history rather than aggadic mussar.  The New Testament promotes the narrative of a physical virgin birth Jesus, as opposed to an imaginary man mussar about a messiah.

      The church views as utter heresy the idea that the Jesus gospel stories, restricted to only tell a glorified tale of a mystic mythical, fictional character.  Such a possibility shatters the church ethical containment force, established early on, based upon their classic Creeds, Doctrines, and Dogmatism.

      The early assimilated rabbinic authorities, influenced by how the church organized its ethical containment force religion, the power exerted by these foreign influences, they equally persuaded the Reshonim rabbis to write their rigid books of statute law Torah commandments.  This statute law perversion divided the תרי”ג Commandments into a positive/negative statute code of Torah commandments. 

      All the later Reshon Books of Commandments, such as the ספר החינוך or how the Smag, a pro-Rambam Baali Tosafot scholar who attempted to organize Talmudic halachot around the order of the Rambam’s book of commandments. Both latter examples, highly influenced by the Rambam’s sefer ha’mitzvot, they failed to consider how aggadita interprets the T’NaCH as mussar.  This tremendous error aroused the late 19th Century mussar movement lead by rabbi Israel Salanter.
      Most essentially that mussar serves as the common denominator which connects the Torah commandments together with all the Books of the NaCH prophets!  That mussar likewise merges together with the narrative stories of Talmudic aggadah and later Midrashic sources of scholarship as a unified whole mussar instruction.  That mussar simply does not compare to a rigid shaped ice-cube tray, as expressed through Roman statute law.

      This channeling of the Torah into rigid religious frames of reference, it appears to me, introduced: comparable to the error made by king Shlomo, and his decision to build a catholic like cathedral Temple. This gross error, it ignored the direct mussar by which the prophet Natan instructed king David not to build a house of Cedar.  Shlomo, none the less chose to build the Temple rather than establish Federal Sanhedrin lateral common law courts across the States/Tribes of the Republic; the basis by which to rule the Republic through judicial justice as the Temple commanded by king David.  This decision triggered a ירידות הדורות domino effect, as seen by Ezra’s efforts to build a Temple, based upon the visions of Ezekiel.

      Both this and that, they triggered a tremendous error, a ירידת הדורות upon the following generations, and most especially upon g’lut Jewry.  The codification of the Torah into frozen brittle commandments effectively collapsed the vision of משנה תורה common law precedents!  The latter makes a fundamental distinction between Torah precedents and Torah Common Law. All the commentaries made upon the classic halachic codifications learn by statute law rather than common law which learns the halachot of the Gemara as precedents to understand the k’vanna of a given Mishna.

      The writings of the New Testament apostle Paul, its impact compares to the meteor that struck the Earth and caused the dinosaurs total extinction!  Paul, as a self declared agent of God, he preached to the Goyim – the freedom of Goyim from under “the Law”.  Paul qualifies as an anarchist revolutionary. 

      His religious rhetoric propaganda conveniently failed to validate the day and night distinction which separates Jewish Common Law from Roman Statute Law!  All the later commentaries, as just previously mentioned above, written upon the halachic Reshon codifications, these assimilated rabbis, they too failed to make this distinct about absolutely fundamental separation between shabbat and chol … common law from statute law. 

      The early Middle Ages Books of Torah commandments prioritizes Commandments over Torah Oral Torah Book of דברים precedents. Therein they assimilate to the error viewpoint which perverts Torah commandments into Statute Laws. Based upon the assumption that Torah Commandments stand upon their own legs, totally independent from Oral Torah common law.  This error fails to learn Oral Torah legal precedents, created with a purpose to compare Oral Torah Book of דברים middot precedent to Written Torah sugiot, based upon shared פרדס middot – as taught through the kabbalah of Rabbi Akiva, with the intention to learn prophetic mussar interpretations of the k’vanna of legal Common Law halachot!

      Assimilation to Goyim cultures and customs, Jewish rabbinic authorities erred and perverted the Torah into a Plato/Aristotle logic & statute law avoda zarah; a direct violation of the 2nd Sinai commandment.  The Rambam, for example, failed to discern that monotheism violates the 2nd Sinai Commandment.  He erroneously thought that praying to Allah did not violate the 1st Sinai commandment!  As such his avoda zarah error duplicated Aaron’s translation of the Name of HaShem unto אלהים – the sin of the Golden Calf.  Herein explains the Jewish g’lut for 2000+ years as a theory of history. A new theory of Mankind, based upon the realities of g’lut.

      Dan Beliveau agothelordsroom.org writes: It appears that in essence your saying the Gentile written Bible is a lie. This is the 2nd time you have posted this. The difference is this time I’m leaving it up. I want people to see your view. Next time comment in plain English or not at all. Hi Dan wrote in English. (A reference to: Jewish avoda zarah during the Middle Ages). The T’NaCH, an abreviation for Torah, Prophets and Holy Writings, the 3-divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures which the church mislabels as ‘old testament’. Yes in point of fact, do refer to the Xtian bible as totally corrupt. As equal to the practices of abomination, conducted by Christendom throughout the Ages.

      First: It duplicates the sin of the Golden Calf by translating the 1st Commandment Name, not a word, into other words, such as Lord for example. It has so many errors of translations – across the board in all biblical translations. ברית, transliterated as brit, does not mean covenant. The first word of the Torah contains the words ברית אש. Transliterated to: brit fire. Brit, the Torah defines as alliance NOT covenant.

      To cut a Torah “alliance” requires swearing a Torah oath. The NT and all old testament Xtian translations never bring the Name as found in the revelation of the Torah 1st Sinai commandment. In the Creation story this Spirit Name – breathed into Adam making him a living man. This Spirit Name – not a word. Aaron the brother of Moshe, erred at the Golden Calf when he translated this Spirit Name into a word אלהים/Gods. The sin of the Golden Calf serves as the basis by which the Torah defines avoda zarah. Avoda zarah/strange worship\ does not translate into “idolatry”. Why? The 2nd Sinai commandment, the negative commandment not to worship other Gods, obviously rejects the Muslim error known as Monotheism.

      The plagues of Egypt judged the Gods of Egypt. The brit sworn at Gilgal in the days of the prophet Jehoshua, prior to the beginning of the wars by which Israel conquered the lands of Canaan. This Gilgal brit, recorded through the mitzva of Rashi order of tefillen (the 2 black boxes Jews strap upon our bodies), [Rashi a rabbi of the Middle Ages famous for writing commentaries upon the Torah, Talmud, and Midrashim], Jehoshua cut a sworn oath brit with the 1st Sinai commandment Name, that just as this Name warred against the Gods of Egypt, so too this Name would war against the Gods of Canaan.

      This concept of calling upon this Name to precede acts of physical war, a reference found in the Song of Moshe which recounts the destruction of Par’o’s Army and chariots in the Sea of Reeds. This reference, found in the Book of Sh’mot, translated as Exodus in Xtian bible mistranslations, (Sh’mot: plural for Names) refers to the Spirit Name by the metaphor: Eish HaMilchamah. Meaning – “Man of War”. At Horev, following the Golden Calf, a set of pronouns revealed to Moshe which serve like unto the Spirit Name. This revelation of pronouns known as the revelation of the 13 tohor middot.

      Avoda Zarah, the 2nd Sinai commandment, the Torah common law legal system learns by means of the Torah precedents located in the 5th Book of the Torah(/Oral Torah\משנה תורה) which means repetition of the Law. The Torah common law legal system employs mitzvot precedents, found in the 5th Book of the Torah, precedents to understand and interpret other sections of the Written Torah located in the other 4 Books of the Written Torah.

      If you examine the closing of the Book of דברים, mistranslated unto Deuteronomy, this Book refers to Moshe in the 3rd person, Moshe did not write this closing Torah, at least to some opinions. The Talmud teaches that Moshe delivered over, this closing Book of the Torah “Baal Peh”. The translation of Baal Peh – Orally. Hence the term Torah sh’baal peh or Oral Torah. The church throughout its history denies the Oral Torah. The confusion of the church authorities stems from the משנה/Mishna written by rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nassi, the last chief justice of the Great Sanhedrin court. His work, the Mishna, Jewish scholars refer to as the codification of the Oral Torah.

      This obvious over implication of the 5th Book of Torah common law, rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna reflected through its Case/Rule organization of Great Sanhedrin judicial rulings written and codified prior to the Roman expulsion of the Jewish people from Judea. Rabbi’s Mishna written before & after three crushed Jewish revolts against Rome. The last of which occurred in Alexandria Egypt in 332. As a point of reference, the famous Xtian Nicene Council occurred in 325! The Apostle Paul famously declares that the Goyim are not under the law. Paul a student of Rabban Gamliel, the previous Nassi of the Great Sanhedrin prior to Rabbi Yechuda. Paul could not have learned Torah judicial law totally oblivious that this legal system based itself upon common law principles of learning law by means of precedents.

      Yet the Xtian writings of Paul obscures this most obvious distinction which separates Jewish common law from Roman statute law. Why did Paul consciously choose to blur the distinction between two completely different legal systems? (Something like the difference between statute law practiced in Germany and France contrasted by British common law.) This causes many Jews, me included, to conclude that Paul functioned as a concealed agent provocateur, sent by Rabban Gamliel to promote Civil War in Rome, as Yechuda Maccabee did by swearing alliance to a pretender King of the Syrian Greek empire in the war known as Hannukah, most recently remembered and celebrated.

      When Jews light the Hannukah lights, we dedicate to only interpret the Written Torah by total reliance upon Oral Torah legal precedents. This Oral Torah logic, totally different than the logic system employed by the Syrian Greek empire. The latter stood upon the logic format developed by the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle. The Jewish revolt against the Syrian Greek empire rejected the logic format of the ancient Greeks as a tool to interpret the Torah.

      Another fundamental lie of the Xtian bible, the perversion of tohor and tumah mistranslated as clean and unclean. The term ‘chosen people’/’first born son’ refers to Israel as a ‘nation of priests’. After the Golden Calf avoda zara, (which the Oral Torah defines as assimilation to pursue after and embrace how Goyim worship their Gods; which extends to copying and embracing the cultures and customs practiced by Goyim societies and/or intermarriage), the Tribe of Levi would supplant and replace the first-born sons of Israel as Cohenim, translated as priests. Hence this term chosen first-born, has much broader implications. The Talmud as a precedent, teaches that tefillah stands in the stead of korbanot. Often roughly translated as “Prayer stands in the place of sacrifices”. Tefillah dedicates tohor middot as revealed to Moshe at Horev following the golden calf. The description of the Name passing before Moshe and declaring a 13 set of attributes which Jews call middot.

      Obviously, a person can hardly dedicate a tohor middah, if that person cannot distinctly discern and separate one tohor middah from the other tohor middot! The Torah has 54 weekly portion divisions call Parshiot. The Sinai Name employs 4 letters. 4 X 13 = 52. The two Crowns of the Torah, the 2 Parshiot which teach the blessing/curse responsibility for accepting the oath brit Torah faith.

      Jewish tefillah, also known as the Amidah, translated as standing prayer. To swear a Torah oath requires that a person stands before a Sefer Torah. Ideally Jews dedicate their tefillot tohor middot while standing before a Sefer Torah in a synagogue. Hence the common mistranslation of tefillah into the English word prayer, totally misses the intent of the action verb tefillah – the dedication of tohor “spirits” which influence how a Jew behaves with his fellow bnai brit people in the future.

      The false biblical corruption of the key terms tohor and tumah as clean and unclean totally corrupts and perverts the dedication of the soul to defined tohor middot as opposed to and contrasted by tumah middot of future born behavior. Tefillah, a matter of the heart. Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi teaches the Oral Torah precedent of “you shall love the Name, with all your heart etc”, located in the 5th Book or Oral Torah. The Hebrew misspells heart as לבב. Heart correctly spelled לב. Rabbi Yechuda introduced a unique interpretation: that service to the Name לשמה, requires the dedication of both tohor and tumah middot which wrestle within the heart, something like as did Esau & Yaacov in Rivka’s womb.

      The struggle between tohor and tumah middot defines all prophetic mussar. Mussar understood as a rebuke. The sages of the Talmud teach, that they lacked the wisdom to teach mussar! Why? Any person can criticize another. But it takes special wisdom to plant mussar seeds within the heart of others and have those “seeds” spout as an original idea from within the person so rebuked by prophetic mussar! The church abomination failed to grasp such subtle distinctions; hence it defined the prophesy of T’NaCH prophets as predictions of the future! JeZeus fulfilled this or that biblical prophecy etc. This corruption totally perverts, on the order of homosexuality, prophetic mussar. So yes, most definitely say that “the Gentile written Bible is a lie”.


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